Our partners

Discover Aquateck’s most important partners


Ameriflo manufactures turbine and fire pumps, offering quality, innovation and service for industrial and municipal applications.


Barnes, from Crane Pumps, offers reliable pumps for municipal, residential and industrial applications, including grinding systems.


Franklin Water supplies water management equipment, including pumping and treatment systems, with a focus on sustainability.


Fybroc, from CECO Environmental, excels in composite pumps for corrosive liquids, serving various industrial sectors.

Goulds Water Technology

Goulds Water Tech by Xylem: Expert in pumps and equipment for efficient water management in various sectors.


Iwaki America, a subsidiary of Iwaki Japan, supplies innovative pumps and water treatment systems for various industries.

Little Giant

Little Giant offers reliable pumps and water management systems for residential and industrial applications, focused on innovation and quality.


Italian pump manufacturer Varisco offers robust products for construction, engineering and water management.