Saxmag V Series – Magnetic Drive Internal Gear Pump

Used in all sorts of industrial applications, the Saxmag V series gear pump is especially efficient at pumping inflammable, explosive, and polymerizing liquids…

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V Series – Positive Displacement Internal Gear Pump

Ideal for use in highly viscous applications without solid content, this gear pump is well suited for the chemical, petroleum, paint, adhesive, and food industries…

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Thor Series – Piston Pump

This double acting piston pump excels in ground water dewatering applications, offers easy and fast maintenance, and can run dry indefinitely…

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Saxmag J – Magnetic Drive Self Priming Centrifugal Pump

Perfect for pumping inflammable, explosive, or polymerizing liquids, this pump can be used across all industries. The pump self primes up to 7.5m after being filled with water without the need of a foot valve and complies with ATEX standards…

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LB Series – Self-Priming Diaphragm Pump

Used in the construction, water treatment, naval, and general industry, the LB series pump offers mobility and durability. With capacity proportional to its speed, the pump can entrain solids…

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